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Hyperdocs CLI image

Hyperdocs provides a handy utility CLI that helps you work with Hyperdocs.

Although it's recommended to use the CLI, you can also create the files manually.


You can use

npx hyperdocs-cli init


Make sure you run it from the root of your project.

This command just creates a docs folder with 4 files in it:

  • -> This is required. This is the first page(/docs) of your docs in the docs website.
  • _sidebar.txt -> This is required. It defines how the sidebar oh the docs website will look like.
  • -> This is optional. You may rename it or delete it.
  • -> This is optional. You may rename it or delete it.

Creating new pages

A file in the docs folder is a page in the website.

The file will only appear on the sidebar if it is present in _sidebar.txt file.

So, when you create a new page, you should add it to _sidebar.txt file. But this can become tedious as the project grows.

Hyperdocs CLI can help you out a lil' bit here.

npx hyperdocs-cli new page-name

Replace page-name with the name of the page/file you want to create. This will append the file to _sidebar.txt file.

If you would like to place this file somewhere in between in the sidebar, you can just reorder it in the _sidebar.txt.


Use npx hyperdocs-cli --help to see the list of commands and their description.