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Simplest way to

create docs

for your open source projects

Just add a `/docs` folder with `markdown` files and get a hosted, auto-updating
documentation website up in less than 30 seconds

A feature packed
documentation generator

Hyperdocs has all the features you need to create a fully fledged documentation website for your open source project.

Hosted docs

Just have a docs/ folder with markdown files and a beautiful documentation site will be generated.

Auto updating

Spend a minute on setup and forget the rest. Just keep updating the `docs/` folder and the website will auto update automagically.


You can create, edit and publish blog posts from the dashboard. No more pushing drafts to GitHub.


You can use Hyperdocs as a CLI tool to generate your docs and deploy them to your server.

Feedback Widget

Every docs comes with a feedback widget to help you get better feedback from your users.

GitHub as source

All your documentation lives on GitHub. So you get all the collab features of GitHub.

Building docs is boring.
But Hyperdocs makes docs fun and intuitive

Just focus on content. Hyperdocs will take care of hosting, feedback collection, blog management, SEO, lighthouse score and many more. Just push to GitHub and it's done.

Prebuilt components

Hyperdocs has many prebuilt components that you can just start using right away in your markdown files.



Code playgrounds


And much more...

No more { config }

Every documentation generator needs a separate `.json` config file to function properly. Although Hyperdocs works without any config, you can add a `_sidebar.txt` file to customize the order in which links appear in sidebar.


from docs should be easier

Hyperdocs provides a built in feedback widget to all sites that helps you collect feedback from your users

Feedbacks dashboard

A Blog
for your docs

Hyperdocs provides a built in blog for your documentation.

Blog dashboard

Supercharge your docs now